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I was fortunate enough to be present with a camera for the labor and delivery of Chichita's first cria. These pictures were taken in sequence with the intention of showing them to new clients of ours who had never seen a birth before. My daughter suggested we post them for all to see, so, here they are!
Pushing begins
Getting a bit more uncomfortable
The amniotic sac appears, dam is more uncomfortable and finally stands. Note the calming presence of the experienced dam with her, and the curiosity of a young female
"Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go away!"
The head and legs emerge, more onlookers becoming curious
"What the...???"
Dam tiring, lies back down for a rest before the final pushes.
"OK, kid, time to get on with it, out you go!" Note the 'inspection team including the cria's granddam
Hey, little guy, gonna get up?
A few hours later, up, dry, part of the herd!
The best way to predict the future is to 'criate' it